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About this course The consequences of breaching competition laws are severe, including fines against the company of up to 10% of worldwide turnover, as well as imprisonment of individuals who engage in the anti-competitive behaviour. This e-learning course is designed to raise your general awareness of the competition law rules, as well as reduce the risk of any possible infringements arising within your business. It covers the fundamental concepts and provides examples that are relevant in all countries in which you operate. Who is it for? The course is aimed at all organisations that face antitrust/ competition law risks and is for use by their directors and employees at any level, anywhere in the world. Read More

About this course The aim of this short course is to make employees more aware of the potential risks of using their personal social media channels via the use of relevant examples and interaction, and equip them with the knowledge and understanding to use Social Media in a more professional way. It has been designed to form part of an overarching policy and approach to ethical behaviour in the workplace.  Who is it for? This course has been designed for employees at all levels, in any industry. It covers the potential risks they may encounter using their personal social media accounts. It is not aimed at those using corporate or brand social media accounts.  Read More

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